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We will transport your goods worldwide by road, water or air.

We will gladly become your essential partner in logistics.

Our company has provided worldwide transport for many Czech and international producers for several years already. We appreciate your trust so much, that we treat every customer as an individual and with utmost care.
We follow the CMR Convention and Code of Conduct for Czech Freight Forwarders.
All our services and your consignments are insured in accordance with relevant legislation.

Our goal is to offer complete transport services to our customers and partners.

Your ProLoad CZ, partner in logistics

CMR Convention
download the CMR Convention, or read it in PDF.
download the Incoterms, or read it in PDF.
Insurance Certificate
download our transport insurance certificate in PDF.

Naším cílem jsou spokojení zákazníci z celého světa a bezpečná přeprava

we provide domestic as well as international transport

How do our services work?

Every day we arrange, together with our contract partners, transport into the whole world. Your goods will be delivered by proven partners only, that is why we are able to guarantee the highest quality of the transport of your consignments that will go without any problems.

ProLoad CZ s.r.o. is your reliable and solvent partner for forwarding and logistic services, as well as customs services. All consignments are insured for the maximum amounts.

  • Road Transport
    We arrange complete load, partial load or express transport, within the EU, in Eastern Europe and in the countries of the former Soviet Union. We also take care of the costs of ADR.
  • Oversize Load Transport
    We arrange the transport of heavy and oversize loads or loads of large volume. Of course we take care of all necessary permissions and of the escort, we also arrange loading and unloading with appropriate equipment.
  • Air Transport
    We arrange the door-to-door transport all around the world.
  • Sea Transport
    We provide export and import of goods to and from all harbors around the world. We use standard 20’’ and 40’’ containers, special open top or high cube containers.
Road Transport

Delivery of all consignments by truck transport. We take care of the costs of ADR and of the consignments insurance.
Sea Transport

Delivery of consignments by river and sea, transport to and from all countries. Standard 20” and 40” containers, open top and high cube containers.
Air Transport

Delivery of consignments via air all around the world, door-to-door.
Oversize Loads

Transport of heavy and oversize loads and loads of large volume, with all necessary permissions, escort and loading and unloading.
International Transport

Transport of all consignments, incl. oversize-load, by road, water or air, all around the world.
Domestic Transport

Transport of all consignments, incl. oversize-load, by road, within the Czech Republic.


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ProLoad CZ, s.r.o.
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File reference: C 27500 registered
at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem.
disponent Martin Popčák
Tel.: +420 734 873 754

dispatcher Michal Štol
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dispatcher Tomáš Pavlík
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Managing Director Pavel Vodrážka
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billing: Drahuše Vodrážková
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We provide
complete services
in transport and logistics

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